Have you all seen the new Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012 sunglasses campaign shoot? Isn’t it clever how they have non-models? Just incase you are not aware the people modeling the sunglasses are not professional models, infact they are all just ordinary people who are either musicians, artists or bloggers.

There is one pair of sunglasses in particular which caught my eye- Charlie. In the campaign shoot the sunglasses are worn around the neck instead and not on the face, I thought that was a very clever little touch.

Louis Vuitton Charlie sunglasses

Louis Vuitton Charlie sunglasses

When I first saw the picture, I actually thought it was a necklace- like a statement necklace if you can see where I am coming from. I actually really loved them as a necklace.  There is a jewellery place called Tatty Devine which makes necklaces like that.

Of course when I discovered they were actually a pair of sunglasses, I loved them even more! They are like two in one, wear them as a statement necklace and when it gets sunny then you can just put them on, that way you will never forget to take your sunglasses with you- genius!

Louis Vuitton Charlie sunglasses

Louis Vuitton Charlie Sunglasses

Imagine them in normal glasses, that would be pretty handy- well I guess only if you are not completely blind and would just need them to see things every now and then. For someone like me I guess I would either have to wear the frames or wear contact lenses with them, otherwise I might as well be blind with my very short sighted eyes!

All in all, a thumbs up from me on these Charlie sunglasses, they really are a fashion accessory as well as doubling up as something functional and useful.