I am sure many of you guys out there across Britain have celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee. I sure did, I was back at home with my parents and there was a street party going on.  Lucky for us the weather held out and at some point in the afternoon I have even had to dig out my sunnies. Yes, that is correct! My sunglasses, woohoo!

My parents owns a Fish and Chip shop business on an Island just outside of Colchester called Mersea Island and it was certainly busy today. Even I had to help out for couple of hours, just like I used to when I was younger, it was like riding a bike. By the way my parents definitely do the best fish and chips around- not being bias or anything 😉

In the evening my fiance and I were watching the Jubilee Concert on BBC1 and what a great show!  I loved every minute of it especially when Stevie Wonder was singing Superstition- Classic!  Of course as well as the singing I was also busy doing my usual eyewear spotting and these celebs certainly did not disappoint.

Will i am at Diamond Jubilee concert

Will i am at the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert

Will i am’s glasses look exactly the same as the pair he wore on The Voice yesterday but they still look just as amazing!

Sir Elton John at Diamond Jubilee concert

Sir Elton John at the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert

As per usual Sir Elton John never EVER disappoints us with his choice of eyewear and they matched his glittery pink jacket, nice touch.


Stevie Wonder at the Diamond Jubilee concert

Stevie Wonder at the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert

Stevie Wonder, what a legend! Looking super cool in his Armani glasses… “Very superstitious, Writing’s on the wall”. hehehe.

I hope you all had a fabulous knees up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and there is no doubt more to come tomorrow!  Whilst you all have been partying hard, I have finally finished the new section of my blog called ” Your Glasses And You”.  This is a section where you lovely readers can send me your photos of you in your glasses and I will feature them 😉 Simple!  Don’t be shy and get sending!!!  I am looking forward to all your spexy pictures 🙂