Not long ago I was going on about how I missed my heart shape glasses I had from when I was young (Just incase you have forgotten- click here to read). Well… I still can’t find that photo of me in those glasses from my childhood but I think I have gone one better! I have found a modern take on the heart shape glasses.

Where did I find them I hear you ask?? Where else other than from the ultimate luxury British eyewear brand- Cutler and Gross! I just saw them sitting on the shelf and thought WOW! I need them in my life. I immediately picked them up and tried them on, in a way that was a bad move because I knew I would fall in love with them which I did and on the other hand I know I really should not be buying yet another pair of glasses.

Cutler&Gross Heart shape glasses

Cutler and Gross Heart Shape Glasses

In the end you will all be very pleased and maybe even proud of me that I did manage to keep my magic little plastic card in the wallet and it did stay in for the entire duration of me trying on glasses. Impressive isn’t it? 😉

I really do recommend anyone to go and check out the Cutler and Gross range. The range is so on trend along with some gorgeous colours to chose from! When you are buying a pair of Cutler and Gross you know you are buying a pair of extremely good quality frames. Cutler and Gross is like the Savile Row of the optical world.

A Cutler and Gross Museum?!

Couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to visit the Culter and Gross museum and met the creative director-Monica. She was an inspiration to all things fashion and eyewear. Stayed tuned for my full write up on the Cutler and Gross museum and look out for the interview which I will be doing with Monica shortly 😉 Don’t miss out on that one!  You can follow me on Twitter to keep up to date!