Ok fellow glasses wearers out there, please back me up on this because my fiance had a right ole laugh at me about this but he will never understand with his perfect vision. Whenever I am in the shower obviously I can’t wear my glasses- that will just be silly and you can’t see anything anyway with them all steamed up.

Now… I was telling my fiance this and explained how sometimes in the shower I feel a bit vulnerable because I can’t see. So if someone did break into the house and attack me whilst I’m in the shower I would be absolutely useless especially if afterwards the police want me to identify them. I wouldn’t have a clue as I would not see a thing, that is how blind I am. I know it is quite unlikely that this scenario would actually happen, is it just me being odd? Have I watched too many films? Or maybe I do just feel slightly vulnerable since I cannot see too well. Have I gone crazy or do other glasses wearers feel this way too?

Since my fiance found it so hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing at my crazy scenario, he suggested I should wear prescription goggles. I am pretty sure even goggles will steam up during a nice hot shower so I feel the only way I can get around this problem is to wear contact lenses during my shower- it may be a bit extreme but at least I feel safe. Everyone has their own quirks-right? Well this is certainly mine, as odd as it may seem but as Miranda from Sex and the City once said “it’s my thing, just drop it”

If anyone has got any other suggestions then please feel free to share your thoughts or if you do feel I am just plain mad then feel free to comment- I don’t mind 😉