Ever since I started my blog, I have always moaned about how fashion magazines never feature glasses in their fashion shoots and it seems like someone has finally heard me! OH MY GOD! I am hoping this could be the start of something good- making glasses a true fashion accessory and helping turn glasses cool instead of just a product you are stuck with because of your sight (or lack of).

So what fashion magazine??? I bet you are all dying to know. Well… it is one of UK’s top selling fashion weeklies, Look magazine! Highly exciting!!! When I saw it, I did have a little scream inside. Let’s face it, us optical wearers do enjoy a spot of fashion and it really is just so refreshing to see that glasses are used as an accessory in a fashion shoot.

Look magazine Vintage flower girl photoshoot

Look Magazine Vintage Flower Girl Photoshoot

I am sure the next thing you want to know is what brand these glasses are… it is a brand called Black Eyewear definitely worth checking out. I shall be doing some further research into the brand and let you know more. They do have some pretty stylish frames at very reasonable prices to suit all budgets.

I wonder why the stylist Jill Wanless decided to include a pair of glasses in the photoshoot? I wonder if it’s because she is also wears glasses!? Who knows but either way I am one very happy girlie and I hope many more fashion magazines will follow in Look’s footsteps. If you want to see the entire photoshoot then go and grab yourself a copy of Look, issue – 18th June with Rihanna on the front cover.