So, what did I get up to today? I had a lovely meeting with the creative director of Cutler and Gross, Monica Chong. The interview shall be written up shortly so stay tuned for that and since it was a sunny day and I had an hour or so to kill before the next press appointment so I took myself to do a spot of shopping on Oxford street 😉 It would have been rude not to!

Whenever I am shopping away I always take a lot of notice of the window displays because I find them quite interesting and sometimes inspirational to look at. Personally I am a very visual person so anything like that will always grab my attention which is exactly what happened today when I walked past Zara’s window. I do apologise for the bad photo, it was so hard to get a good one because it was such a sunny day and lights were reflecting everywhere! argh!!!

Zara mens glasses

Zara Mens Glasses

I actually really love how they styled these male mannequins. They are so effortlessly chic and cool and adding a pair of glasses really does complete the look- the “British Gentlemen” look. I think this is a very good example of how something that seems so simple such as a pair of glasses can complement an outfit.  So simple yet so important.

So peeps, watch and learn from what is around you and remember glasses are not your enemy. They are like a pair of shoes or a bag which can compliment an outfit. I mean this Zara mannequin would not look so “British Gentlemen” without the glasses and the hat- it’s the small details that counts and makes an outfit, an outfit!