Summer is indeed just around the corner or in the UK it actually happened last weekend and hopefully should return at some point in the near future. However for now my sunnies are once again sadly tucked away.

Marie Claire Top10 shades

Marie Claire Top10 shades

As per usual, each month I buy my favorite fashion magazine- Marie Claire and obviously being the July issue they did a special feature on their top 10 sunglasses. For all my readers who don’t buy Marie Claire and for my readers who are not from the UK, their top 10 are as follows…

  1. New Look
  2. D&G
  3. Cutler and Gross
  4. Louis Vuitton
  5. Pollini
  6. KG
  7. Polaroid
  8. Prada
  9. Topshop
  10. Primark


Within the top 10 there is quite a mix of brands and prices. I do wonder why they have picked something that costs £4.99 as number 1? Price is of course not everything but surely at £4.99 they cannot be offering the best quality in terms of material and lenses.  To me a good pair of sunglasses should consist of:

  1. The quality of construction and materials
  2. The type of lens used
  3. The style
  4. The price

Of course not everyone is after the same things and some people would much rather spend as little as possible on a pair of sunglasses. I have to say for me, whenever I am going on holiday I do tend to buy something cheap because at least if I lose them, I would not be too sad.

Do write in or email me at and let me know what is your favorite brand of sunglasses.  Also let me know what brands and styles will you be rocking this summer 😉