First of all I hope everyone had a lovely weekend even though it was a tad rainy but I guess we are in the UK so what do we expect? Anyway after a weekend of waving goodbye to a friend (she is off to Hong Kong to teach), today was a really great day at the Independents Day.

For my readers who are opticians you probably all know what it is but for all my other readers, Independents Day is where all the smaller independent eyewear boutiques get together for seminars and to gain information to help them improve their stores. It is a great day out if you have your own practice and it’s also a great chance to network.

independents day

Independents Day

I attended this event as the fashion eyewear blogger for SpecsNetwork. I will tell you more about SpecsNetwork tomorrow because after the LONG drive and being stuck in traffic I need some shut eye otherwise no sunglasses however large will be able to cover the dark circles that may well appear tomorrow. Night night for now peeps 🙂