Eyewear must be one of the most tricky things to design because  there are only so many materials you can explore, most shapes that are suitable are already available and different ways of assembling a frame together have pretty much been exhausted. Therefore it must be taxing for frame designers to come up with something that will revolutionlise eyewear. However, please do correct me if I am wrong as I am  not an expert in the field!

So when Colin Leslie got in touch with me and told me about his bamboo eyewear range I was intrigued to find out more about this eyewear made from wood. I have heard and seen others made from wood but bamboo is something that is new to me. Don’t get too excited because by the thought of bamboo glasses as it is only the arms that are made from it. Want to find out more? then read on…

Colin Leslie eyewear

Colin Leslie eyewear

MGAM: Have you always worked in the optical industry? If so why optical?

Colin: No, I’ve never worked in optical. I was a carpenter but due to an accident and not being as mobile I decided to give eyewear a go because I have always worn glasses.


MGAM: How long have you been wearing glasses?

Colin: Since I was 14 so a good 20 odd years.


MGAM: So how long have you worked within the eyewear industry?

Colin: About 4 years.


MGAM: Why bamboo? How did it all came about?

Colin: As I was saying because I used to be a carpenter and I was so used to working with wood, I thought why not bamboo because it is cheaper than other wood and it is very durable. Most people don’t know that but it is a very good material. All the bamboo I use for the collection comes from a sustainable forest so they are quite eco friendly too.


MGAM: Why are your glasses eco friendly?  What makes them eco friendly?

Colin: The bamboo comes from a sustainable forest, the frame itself is from recycled old frames and the pouches to keep the glasses in are made from recycled plastic bottles so they are 100% eco friendly. Editors note: there are 2 ranges. One of which is 100% eco friendly. The more expensive range only features the eco friendly bamboo arms.


MGAM: Do you think from now on everyone will be designing more eco friendly eyewear?

Colin: Eco friendly eyewear has definitely been around but not with bamboo, hopefully it will become even more fashionable.


MGAM: What inspires you?

Colin: Trying to be modern and different but still keep it fashioable. The whole vintage look, the classic aviators and the geek chic thing are great sources of inspiration.


MGAM: What makes a great pair of glasses?

Colin: Something that stands out, makes you feel a bit different but in a good way.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Colin Leslie’s bamboo eyewear range then visit http://www.colinleslieeyewear.co.uk oh and did I mention that the loveable Rogues (the guys from Britain’s Got Talent) are also a fan of the range and have been wearing them!?

Loveable Rogues

Loveable Rogues