Wow! It has been one year since I started MyGlassesAndMe and what a year! I still keep in mind the reason why I write the glasses blog. It is because after my experience in working within the fashion industry and now working with eyewear I was (and I still am) just sick and tired of not seeing glasses being featured. I hope I have been true to what I believe in and I hope my blog is doing something right to bridge that gap between fashion and eyewear. There is still a long way to go but together we can do it peeps 🙂

So what has been my highlight for the year? Now that is a tough one because I have experienced so much, the blog has been great fun to do and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I suppose if I have to pick one thing then it has to be meeting Luke Evans at the Police ambassador launch event back in January.

Luke Evans Police Eyewear ambassodor launch party January 2012 - MGAM

Luke Evans Police Eyewear ambassodor launch party January 2012

It was so amazing to meet him, I even got to chat to him and managed to do a very quick interview with him! If you have missed that blog post then click here. So I would like to say a massive thank you to SurgeryPR for the invite- it really was an amazing event and Luke Evans, what a lovely guy!

Apart from that there has been some other memorable things such as attending London Fashion Week, I loved doing street style during that. It was very inspiring to see so many people wearing funky eyewear at such a fashionable gathering.

I also remember being really nervous doing my first ever optical interview with Jason Kirk from Kirk Original but he was such a nice guy and very inspiring in terms of how he sees eyewear and how he also wants to bring eyewear onto the fashion radar.

The future of MyGlassesAndMe

I have met some amazing people within the year. Some are really inspirational people within the eyewear industry and I hope that will continue. There are many exciting things happening within MyGlassesAndMe- there will be two new sections to come. I will also be involved in launching m.kenics eyewear into the UK market with some very special plans which are uber top secret at the moment so you will all have to wait i’m afraid, but it will be a good!

Look out for

In the mean time look out for my interview with the creative director of Cutler and Gross: Monica Chong, London fashion week in September where I will be bringing you more street style, my Hong Kong eyewear special when I go there for one month at the end of the year and of course MY WEDDING in May!!!! Marrying the man of my dreams who is extremely supportive and has been for the past 7 years!

To finish off, I would like to say a special thank you to the editor of BloodSweatAndFashion Hanna White and the guys at SpecsNetwork (where I am currently their fashion writer). Guys please keep sending those pictures in of yourselves for the YourGlassesAndYou section. I love seeing them and without you guys reading my blog I wouldn’t be here still so I really appreciate you guys and the support 🙂

Lastly, here are some never seen before photos of me… enjoy and stay spexy!

Me Goofing around in my office - MGAM

Me Goofing around in my office

Me at the Gym - MGAM

Me at the Gym












I am still in love with these Red Kirk Originals - MGAM

I am still in love with these Red Kirk Originals

Snow style - MGAM

Snow Style















28Black launch party - MGAM

On the way to the 28Black launch party

GoodWood festival of speed - MGAM

GoodWood Festival of Speed