I am sure all my readers who are based in the UK would agree since the announcement of the engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton, everyone has gone Kate crazy! All the press were watching her every move before the wedding and even now, a year on, the press are still watching and always commenting on what she is wearing- the poor girl! What a load of pressure but is it fair to say it comes with the job?

At the moment the topic that seems to be on everyones lips is her fashion sense since practically everything she wears sells out within minutes. So the next debate is whether she helps boost the UK fashion industry by wearing UK labels? I personally do believe she will make a great ambassador for the UK fashion industry because lets face it she is an attractive girl and married to the future King of England.  With that combination surely it is a win-win situation?


Kate Middleton in sunglasses (Image Source: celebritysunglasseswatcher.com)

Kate Middleton in sunglasses (Image Source: celebritysunglasseswatcher.com)

Now, for all you glasses wearers out there imagine if she wears glasses- would that also have the same impact? Would the pair of glasses she wears sell out within minutes like her dresses? I mean she may not be a glasses wearer but she certainly wears a lot of sunglasses. However at the moment not much has been said about them, all the focus seems to be on her clothes. Does eyewear in general not count as a fashion accessory or something!? They are forever being left out of the limelight compared to everything else. Maybe all we need is for someone like Kate Middleton to start wearing glasses to really change the way people view them, because in my opinion they are awesome!

On that note I will leave you to have a think about this whole Kate Middleton debate. Whether you agree or disagree about her dress sense, she is married to the royals and part of her job is look presentable in the public eye so I am guessing rocking up to an important event in a jeans, t-shirt and flip flops is off limit. Just think, if you were off to an important job interview you are hardly going to rock up looking all casual. The link below you may be of some interest, funny enough it is a debate on Kate Middleton’s fashion sense. Enjoy 😉