I have been a busy little bee attending different events and bringing you guys the latest news. first up who remembers The Stone Roses? They were the one of the biggest indie bands back in the 90’s and last year on October 18th they announced to the press that they were getting back together again.

On Thursday 26th July I was invited along to the press breakfast of The Stone Roses: The Third Coming Exhibition with photos taken by 3 legendary music photographers. I am not going to give the game away too much as a full write is to follow 😉 Here is a sneaky peak of one of the photos I took.

The Stone Roses The Third Coming Exhibition

The Stone Roses The Third Coming Exhibition

My next stop was a very quirky unique eyewear shop based in Camden Stable market, I am totally in love with that market! I think I could potentially live inside it and spend a lot of money in there- so many quirky boutiques. Anyway the eyewear shop is unbelievably awesome that I can’t even explain it and I am looking forward to chatting to the owner very soon.


General Eyewear

And finally at the end of the day I went along to a new eyewear brand launch party. The brand is called Fan Optics and I am completely in love with the designers, the glasses are fab too and I got a real crush on one of the frames. More from that event later and all I am going to keep saying is… stay tuned.


Fan Optics

Wasn’t the Olympics opening ceremony spectacular? Anyhow, have a great weekend! I am off to a BBQ 😉