As I was saying yesterday in my blog post I was at an event all day called Independents day where all the independent opticians can go to attend seminars and learn more things to aid them when running their businesses. So it is pretty good if you do have your own boutique and it is a good chance to see what is new from the exhibitors as well as a chance to network.

I went along yesterday with SpecsNetwork which stands for Specialist Provider of Eye Care Solutions- funded by Seiko and yes as in the famous Japanese watch brand. Believe it or not Seiko is actually one of the biggest lens providers for the optical industry but I am sure all my optician readers would already know that.

Independents Day

Independents Day

So what is SpecsNetwork all about? It is a unique web portal for independent eyewear boutiques to promote their businesses collectively to the public and is the result of a marketing collaboration led by Seiko. For most small businesses it is extremely costly to place an ad in a magazine let alone TV like some of the major high street optical chains.  SpecsNetwork it is hoping to help the independents to promote their business to consumers to a wider audience.

It is a great idea I thought because I am rather sick and tired of the high street optical chains and the service I feel it is not that personal. On top of that from my previous experience I was pretty much pushed into buying 2 pairs of glasses because I was told I have to buy more frames and I was not able to use my existing frames (I bloody loved those frames and only had them for 1 year!). Us as consumers do need to support our local opticians and show them some love because the service they offer is more personal and I always feel very welcome, the glasses are displayed in a nicer way too.


SpecsNetwork at Independents Day

What is my involvement with SpecsNetwork I hear you ask… well at SpecsNetwork they are trying to do something a bit different and trying to encourage people and opticians to see eyewear in a different way so on the site I am their guest fashion eyewear writer because lets be honest- there is still a gap between fashion and eyewear.  I hope little ole me can make a difference so I am all for different ways to achieve that hence getting involved with SpecsNetwork.

For Opticians if you are interested in joining the network then do check it out and for consumers who would like to find your nearest local opticians then click here to find out more.