Hello readers!

First of all I would like to apologise for the rubbishness on the blogging front last week. I just got totally swept up in the whole Olympics thing and it was also my 7 year anniversary with my fiance.  It is a poor excuse for not blogging- I know! However, it was the Olympics and the fact we managed to buy last minute tickets was impressive and I just couldn’t say no. Now I am having some serious London 2012 Olympics withdrawal symptoms and a mountain of work to catch up on, that’s not so great!

I hope you all enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did but apart from that, what have you all been up to?

To kick start my first post after the Olympic madness I am presenting to you the glasses from the new batman film as worn by Commissioner Gordon!  That’s right, Commissioner Gordon’s glasses!

What to know what brand they are?…

Commissioner Gordons glasses Kirk Originals

Commissioner Gordon's Glasses by...

What brand are Commissioner Gordon’s glasses?

They are by Kirk Originals! That is correct! Believe it or not the actor who plays Commissioner Gordon, Gary Oldman is actually a huge fan of the brand and decided to wear them for the film. Simple as that.  So of course that is great news for Kirk Originals.

Commisioner Gordon in Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Commisioner Gordon's Glasses in Batman, The Dark Knight Rises

The most important question is how do you get your hands on a pair of the little beauties?  Pretty simple actually, just follow this link www.kirkoriginals.com/batman to get yourself a pair but just make sure you have your plastic friend handy and ready for payment. One last thing… Commissioner Gordon’s glasses are only available for a limited time ONLY! So if you miss them, then you miss out. Don’t wait around, whilst you are reading this you should have had a new window open to that page and been ready to purchase 😉