The whole print thing is huge this season in the fashion world infact the more crazy the print is, the better. Even some eyewear brands have taken note by incorporating some sort of pattern and print to the frame itself which, makes the frame more interesting and exciting to look at- well I think so anyway.

RetroSuperFuture is a prime example of an eyewear brand taking the print trend to frames and these glasses are damn fine! Here is an example, you be the judge 😉

RetroSuperFuture 112 fronte

RetroSuperFuture 112 fronte Sunglasses

So what happens when designers decided to put glasses on a top as a pattern? Pretty cute or pretty wrong?

Glasses top

Glasses Top - Zara

I found this top in the Zara sale and I think it is pretty cute. However, it’s maybe not a good idea to wear red or blue glasses with this top otherwise they may clash a little… or is that the point!?  I didn’t buy this top in the end because there wasn’t any left in my size 🙁

So readers, patterns & prints = on trend in both fashion and eyewear. Next time you go shopping keep in mind to look out for either one of those items with patterns & prints or how about just buy both! Remember- the more you clash the better!