How are we all enjoying the Olympics so far? For me personally I am loving it, in fact boarder line being obsessed by it and I have been trying VERY hard to buy some damn tickets! So of course I was delighted when team GB got not one but two gold medals in one day! What an achievement!

To go with the whole gold theme I have searched for some spexy and unusual glasses for you all to admire or to just go “Ewwwww, what are they?”

Gold Glasses

Gold Glasses

I rather like these unusual glasses but of course they are not practical at all and lets face it, in reality what can you see out of them? They are more like something Lady Gaga would wear just for show. However, one day if I am out and about and I see someone wearing something as outrageous as that I will most definitely be taking photos and asking for an autograph too just in case it is someone famous (or Lady Gaga herself).

Anyway whether you like it or not it is just a bit of fun and eyewear should be fun just like any other accessory. In the mean time go team GB! Win some more gold medals since they are competing on home ground!

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