The Olympics is well under way now and before it started I really was not that bothered by it and I certainly did not care about the whole Olympic torch business. I didn’t see what the fuss was all about but now I am getting WELL into it. Everything day I will check the schedule and see what is on and I do actually sit down on my sofa, watch it, scream at the top of my lungs and I really enjoy it! I am even considering getting some tickets to really soak up the atmosphere.

Today to my surprise I was enjoying  a spot of archery, I have no idea what it is about apart from you aim and shoot at the middle target but the reason why I was watching it was because Hong Kong was competing. I of course born and from Hong Kong so I have got to support my home team. I did notice that some players were wearing some really cool eyewear so I investigated further and looked at the Olympic Archery photo gallery.

Olympic Women team Archery

Olympic Women team Archery

I found this photo in the gallery and I personally love the fact that two of the players in the team wear glasses and I particularly love what the one on the left is wearing. A pair of giant geek chic glasses, it suits her and maybe it suits the sport too because they are so big that she can defo see properly when she aims at the target. I personally find looking down with just my eyes can be a bit of a blurry experience but with large glasses surely that should solve the problem? What are your thoughts on this?

I am looking forward to seeing more athletes in their awesome specs but of course I can understand with certain sports you have just got to stick to contact lenses. For an example if you are a gymnast with all the flipping and flicking you are hardly going to wear glasses, that is how you can definitely break a pair.

The photo was sourced from the official Olympic website and the photo above was taken on Day two of the Olympics where the Korea’s women’s team won the Gold medal.