So who had a good weekend then and who’s been working on that much needed tan? I sure did and sorry for not giving you guys any notice this time about not blogging over the weekend as I somehow ended up going to V Festival over in Hyland park Chelmsford, Essex.

This year I manage to get myself a last minute press pass (hence the lack of notice and the frantic packing!) so I had access to the press pit where I took some pretty damn awesome pictures of the artists doing their thing on stage. That was quite an experience! My highlight of the weekend (as well as getting up close to the artists performing) was getting a tan and seeing David Guetta headlining on Saturday because he is a pretty damn awesome DJ (plus my fiance look a bit like him. HA!).

As well as busy papping the artists on stage I was also busy wandering around taking in the sights and trying to find some spexy sunglasses wearers as it was SUNNY! However, I am not going to lie I did feel slightly let down. A few of the small stalls were selling cheap sunglasses so to me everyone just seemed like they had the same thing on. Plus there were SO many people in Ray-bans it was ridiculous!

I did manage to find a few tho and here they are…

Heart shape sunnies from Urban Outfitters

Heart shape sunnies from Urban Outfitters






I love these Heart shape sunnies, so cute and they totally scream “festival”!

Sunnies from Primark and Ebay

Sunnies from Primark and Ebay


















Saw this group of girls from a distance and noticed their awesome eyewear straight away.






Katie Price Eyewear

Day 22 by Katie Price





Spotted this girl while she was waiting for her friend but she didn’t want to have her photo taken. The sunnies are pretty cool tho. They are from the Katie Price range and she got them as a freebie-awesome!






Tea Lady

The Tea Ladies




As I was having a little rest in the VIP area I spotted these tea ladies and one of them had some real vintage style glasses on and you know what… everything they wear has been sourced from charity or vintage shops so the glasses are a real genuine vintage piece.

Want to know more about the tea ladies and want them to serve you the most entertaining cup of tea at an event then head to to find out more for yourself!










Me in Balloon Glasses





Finally! This is a photo of me with a pair of balloon-tastic glasses from one of the charity stands in the charity area. The J’s Hospice has been to V Festival every year trying to promote the work they do and this year they had balloon making at their stand. This guy was so talented and very clever! When I asked him to make me a pair of glasses he even asked me what style I wanted.  So can you guess what style I went for in the end???

If you are organsing a kids party or just for entertainment then find him on







More write ups from V Festival to come so stay tuned and there are more V Festival Street Style pics but they will be published on SpecsNetwork since I also write for them. If you can’t find your photo on here that will be why (not because I didn’t want to use them 😉 ok!)

Thanks for being a good sport and taking part guys 🙂  I will be posting the link up soon when the others are published!