Every girl dreams of a walk-in wardrobe and I am of course no different but I also dream of a glasses wardrobe. I do have that many pair of glasses and sunglasses that they require their own mini wardrobe! At the moment they are kept either in their case or just in a pouch. These can take up a lot of room because cases do cause clutter on the desk, in drawers etc. Pouches are not exactly ideal either because if you drop anything big on them (which has happened to me before) they are not that protective- not that I am clumsy or anything.

The other day I was shopping in Forever21 (one of my favourite shops!) I just had an idea for my future glasses wardrobe…


Forver21 Sunglasses Stand

How about I just build something like this inside my walk-in wardrobe (Yes, I will be having a walk-in wardrobe like Carrie’s from Sex And The City). If I have something like that then I can just hook all my glasses on and I can see exactly what I have got at the same time! At the moment because they are all in cases or in pouches I sometime forget what is inside.

Yes, they may get a bit dusty but nothing a cloth cannot wipe off. I mean what is the best way to store glasses? I don’t just mean the odd pair but like a lot of them like me. Surely displaying it like that can’t be a bad idea, all you need is a clear glass door then voilĂ ! You can see exactly what you have and start mix and matching them with your outfit. Miss Carrie Bradshaw- eat your heart out!

I will now be keeping my eye out for the best glasses display ideas!