It was only a few days ago when I spotted Paralympian Sophie Kamlish with her lovely specs. She is one of the few athletes that actually wears glasses, most just wear sunglasses. Did you see her performance last night? It a good performance too because she achieved a new personal best and for a young athlete at the age of just 16 she has definitely got a bright future ahead of her. So watch out Rio!

Tonight Sophie did not disappoint me at all with her specs AND with the cute flower she was also wearing in her hair. I have never seen an athlete flaunting their fashion style like that before on the track so it was a pleasant surprise 🙂 Other athletes- take note!

Sophie Kamlish

Sophie Kamlish

By the way I do apologise for the poor quality of the photo but thanks to channel 4’s website bandwidth being drained the screen shot was horrendous as you can see.

A Chat with Paralympic Athlete Sophie Kamlish

I am also very excited to announce that Sophie has agreed to do an interview for the blog so I am mega excited!!!! For all my readers, if you have got any questions you would like me to ask then please do comment below! I will be selecting the best ones to ask. The interview will be taking place some point after the Paralympic games, as you can imagine she has got a very busy schedule at the moment but please stay tuned because this is highly exciting!!