Fan Optics is a brand new eyewear brand that was launched about a month ago and what an odd name for an eyewear brand you may think but there is a brilliant story behind it. Fan Optics was founded by the dynamic duo Sarah Coburn and Guillaume Furminger. With their background in fashion and product design it really is the ideal combination for some super cool eyewear. During the launch party I was lucky enough to meet both designers and had a quick catch up with them. They are both so lovely and down to earth. So here is how our conversation went… it really was all things to do with Fan, glasses and designing.

Fan Optics

Fan Optics

MGAM: Why did you start designing eyewear?

Sarah: It was just a natural progression from my background in fashion and because I wear glasses!

Guillaume: I felt with my knowledge in product design and my approach using 3D design it just felt right and the next step to take especially combined with Sarah’s fashion background. So yeah, it is natural progression from both worlds.


MGAM: Where does the name Fan came from?

Sarah + Guillaume: When this is embarrassing! When we met we were at a festival and Sarah made an origami fan which we still have. So we thought why not call it fan because it is something different and something that is very personal to both of us. Fan also means something you have a strong interest in or admiration for, so you are a “fan of”.


MGAM: What is your inspiration behind this collection?

Sarah: We just design what we like basically.

Guillaume: That’s right, it isn’t inspiration as such because we just design what we like but we both love photography and paintings so when we see something we can take inspiration from it, we are both very visual designers.


MGAM: What is the key design within this collection?

Guillaume: Ailen meaning it is made of Oak. It was our first design.

Sarah: Brock in black because it is an instant classic.


MGAM: What makes Fan Optics different to what is already out there?

Sarah + Guillaume: All Fan glasses are made in the UK, we mean as in the whole process. They are not manufactured in one country then hand finished somewhere else. Also the fact that we don’t follow trends and just design what we would like to wear.


MGAM: Why pick the acetate from Italy but made in the UK, why not just get everything done in one place?

Sarah + Guillaume: Simply because the best quality acetate comes from Italy and nowadays it is so rare to have anything made in the UK so we wanted to be different from the rest!


MGAM: Do you have an eyewear icon?

Sarah + Guillaume: Celeb wise no because if anything we get excited by what people are wearing on the street rather than celebs, so more like people with their own style are our icons.  We just seeing what people are wearing.


MGAM: What advice would you give someone who is looking to buy a pair of Fan?

Sarah + Guillaume: You have got to try them on and don’t be scared or feel daunted by unfamiliar styles. It is fun to try something new!


MGAM: Finally, what is the future for Fan?

Sarah + Guillaume: We are just going to see how it goes because in the beginning this was just our dream so we want to stay grounded. We would love to have more stockists and really want people to appreciate the whole “Made in the UK” thing and try to bring it back to eyewear.  I hope we make our wearers feel exclusive!


Fan Designers Sarah Coburn and Guillaume Furminger

Fan Designers Sarah Coburn and Guillaume Furminger

If you want to find out more about Fan Optics or would like to know how to get your hands on a pair then head to their website here!