The other day in my previous post I was dreaming of an eyewear display just like the one I saw in Forver21. However due to my current living situation it will be impossible to have a walk-in wardrobe until my finace and I have moved into our new pad which, is currently still under major construction.

So for now I have to store my glasses either in their case or just in a pouch. However!!! that is not until I went shopping in Muji. I love that shop, the products in there are all so simple, clean cut and modern. I hope I can kit out my future office with their stuff. Guess what I found in Muji

Muji glasses storage unit

Muji Glasses Storage Unit

YES!!! It was a glasses storage unit on display and I just knew I had to buy it immediately. First of all I was trying to work out how many units I would need because it can only hold 4 pairs then I saw the price at £19.95 for one I thought ok… maybe I will just buy the one for now to hold my most used glasses in.

Muji glasses unit

Muji Glasses Storage Unit

Here is the storage unit in my house 🙂 I could only justify one and if I bought enough to house all my 40 odd pairs of frames then I would be one very broke lady. The top two frames are my current favourites by m.kenics so hence that is why they are at the top 😉 For now this storage unit will do beautifully until I can afford that display I saw in Forever21.