Last night I was honoured to be invited to the the private viewing of the London College of Fashion’s Framed Exhibition. It is open to the public from today (12th Sept) until the 3rd Nov so do pop along to their gallery space.

I will give you a quick sneaky preview as to what the exhibition is all about and if you love eyewear or work within the eyewear industry then it would be a crime for you not to go!

London College of Fashion Framed Exhibition

This exhibition will give you a brief history on eyewear and how different iconic brands have had an influence within the eyewear industry. I personally found it highly interesting and my eyewear geek side was definitely out to play.

This exhibition shows the importance of how eyewear started and how it has become the ultimate luxury accessory it is today. I will have a full write up to follow very shortly with many, many photos of some of the most amazing glasses. Words cannot even describe how exciting this is, you will all have to stay tuned and see what I have in-store for you 😉

However if you don’t want to wait you can go and see these amazing eyewear pieces for yourself!

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