Last week was a week of eye health and I hope you have all picked up some handy and useful tips. However, we are now back onto glasses, glasses and more glasses! Whilst I was busy writing about eye health I was also busy attending a lot of eyewear related events.

First up it was the Ray-ban 75th Anniversary Party then it was the Cutler and Gross end of London Fashion Week party and to finish it off I was also at the new collection launch of Kirk Originals. So you lucky readers will have all of this to look forward to over the next few days. Also I will apologise in advance because leading up to the 14th Oct I may not be blogging as much just because my brother will be getting married!!!! Lots of stuff to help out with and I some how volunteered myself to do all the flower arrangements- what was I thinking???

Anyhow… bye bye for now 🙂