It didn’t seem that long ago when I was at London Fashion week doing street style. It was probably about 6 months ago so here I am again at the heart of the most  fashionable event bringing you some of the most spexy people I see mingling around the courtyard!

Here are some of my favourites spexy peeps…

London Fashion Week Wooden frame

London Fashion Week - Wooden Frame

London Fashion Week Wooden Frame

London Fashion Week - Wooden Frame

I simply love the way this guy dressed, so stylish and yet very gentlemanly. The choice of frame was great too because it was so distinctive and helped to finish this smart Englishman look perfectly. As you can see from the close up the frames are actually made of wood and just so you know, using wood is actually becoming more and more popular in the eyewear industry. Even though you may think it is an odd material to use for glasses it actually works really well. These particular wooden frames he is wearing are from Italy so it looks like Italy doesn’t just make good acetate glasses but also wooden ones.

For more spexy Street Style at London Fashion Week look out for my section on the  It will be coming soon!