Last week was the launch of the brand new collection by Kirk Originals- The Twenty collection and why call it Twenty? Simply because it is Kirk Originals 20th anniversary! So a massive happy birthday to Kirk Originals 🙂 The collection will be launching in Silmo Paris and for those of you who don’t work in optics Silmo is one of the biggest trade shows in the eyewear industry where buyers do all their browsing and buying in new stock.

Kirk Originals TWENTY_Roberta_stripe

Kirk Originals TWENTY Roberta Stripe

I think the beauty of this collection is seeing Kirk Originals stripping it back to basics because the shapes and the colours are inspired by some of their original designs from the 90’s. I feel it really shows the history of Kirk Originals and how the brand has developed to what it is today.

Me modeling the same frame but not as good as the model

Me modeling the Kirk Originals TWENTY Roberta Stripe (but not as well as the model above)

Some people may feel this collection is a bit “boring” from Kirk Originals because they are so used to seeing bright bold colours and shapes but I don’t think so. Every eyewear brand has their own heritage and story to tell and it is only through time a brand can mature and develop. That is why I love this collection because behind these simple but very stunning frames there is a story.

Kirk Originals Twenty collection

Kirk Originals Twenty Collection

The Twenty collection are split into two. One of them is called Stripe and the other is called Pin. As you can see from all the images above they are from the Stripe collection with the stripes going down one side along with some really strong bold and retro colours to chose from.

Where as the Pin collection- image shown below the colours are more toned down but keeping with the bold shapes along with very distinctive sliver pins down both sides.

Kirk Originals TWENTY_Rodney_Aubergine

Kirk Originals TWENTY Rodney Aubergine

Both ranges of the Twenty collection contain a very special feature which is each individual frame has its own ‘20 year’ badge of authenticity hand-sunk into the tip of the temple and they also have the Kirk Originals signature inside the frame- the benchmark of quality. 100% handmade in France from start to finish.  The collections hint at early Kirk Originals acetate styling from the ‘90s in a modernist context.

If you are an optician and would like to see the collection at Silmo then please click here get in touch with the guys at Kirk Originals ASAP because I am sure their appointment slots are going fast and it is only next week! However, for normal consumers like me then we will just have to wait until they hit the store so keep your eyes peeled 😉 The red pair for me PLEASE!

Prices start from £265.