As you are aware from my previous post I was at the London College of Fashion Framed Exhibition Private viewing before it officially opened to the public. At an event where we were surrounded by amazing eyewear, full of the history of eyewear then of course you are going to expect a few people in some seriously cool glasses and I certainly spotted two that caught my eye.

To share with you here they are…

Street style at Framed Exhilbition

Street style at the London College of Fashion Framed Exhibition


I don’t want to sound creepy when I say this but I was staring at this guy for quite a while from a distance because I was trying to figure out what sunglasses he was wearing, plus he had a pretty quirky dress sense.

After looking like a right stalker I finally asked him for a street style photo. The sunglasses he was wearing are from a Japanese brand and he is actually a sales agent for an eyewear brand called House of Flora which do some seriously awesome eyewear. Do check it out!



Street style at Framed exhilbition

Street style at Framed exhibition


I saw this guy’s glasses and immediately thought I recognise the style of it but not 100% sure what they were and it turns out to be a pair of Cutler and Gross!

I have to say not many people dare to wear clear frames like that but I don’t know why. Maybe the UK market is still not opened minded enough?

They really suit him. I personally love clear frames and I have a pair of clear m.kenics myself. Even if the rest of UK don’t like clear frames, I am all for it!



Don’t forget the full write up is still to come OR even better pop down to the London College of Fashion gallery yourself to check them out. Don’t forget peeps if you do want to get involved with the blog then simply email me a photo of yourself in your specs and just tell me a bit about your glasses and you. Email all photos to moi at and I shall feature them in the YourGlassesAndYou section 😉