Looking after your eyes is not only about eating the right things so your body can absorb all the goodness, but it is also about how you look after them externally. Like with me, I always make sure I take my eye make up off properly and put plenty of eye cream around the area so it can give my skin a rest. For contact lens wearers it is always good to give your eyes a rest from them and wear your specs instead because our eyes do get dry which causes discomfort.

With me, during the summer time I tend to wear contact lenses more just so I can swap and change my sunglasses when I please but I do always take them off in the evening and just wear my specs. When I am tired I tend to avoid wearing my contacts at all because it just feels unbearable to put them on and they actually make my eyes sting. These are just the basic facts you should know on taking care of your eyes.

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Here are some handy tips for you about how to look after your eyes and keep them looking sparkly and bright.

Bye bye dark circles and tired eyes…

Squeeze some cucumber juice with either a muslin cloth or your Philips juicer 😉 then dip your cotton pads in to soak up the juice and put them on your eyelids and rest for 10-15 minute. If you are feeling adventurous you can even put the soaked cotton pads in the fridge first before placing them on your eyelids.

No more puffy eyes…

This trick is simple, just have a small bowl of chilled water and add a few drop of vitamin E oil into the water.  Soak the cotton pads for 5 minutes.  To make sure the pad is not dripping squeeze it gently to remove excess water and place on your eyelids for 20 minutes.

Strain Recovery…

And finally I am sure this one will help most people who have to sit in front of a computer all day at work. Staring at the computer screen all day is a BAD thing for your eyes so to make sure you are not straining them too much here are some handy tips for you.

Ideally every 20-30 minutes you should look into the distance to give your eyes a rest and whilst you are looking at the screen make sure you do blink frequently to ensure there is enough moisture before they get dry. Another handy tip is to rub your palms together so it generate heat and then place your warm palm on your eyelid to soothe them! I mean whilst you are at work it is not exactly easy to just whack an eye mask on!


If you want to find out more about national eye health week or just want tips on how to look after your eyes then check out www.visionmatters.org.uk