If you live around the Angel area in London then you may have noticed a new optician called Framed Opticians has just opened up on Saint John Street – number 395 to be exact. This is actually their second branch, their other practice is based in St Anne Square in Manchester.

The owner Peter Sunderland is great, I love the energy he gives to all his customers and the sense of humour that comes with it… it is priceless. I have been to both branches but I have to say I have not been to the one in Manchester for quite a while. The one in Angel is decked out nicely with a spot of vibrant orange.  This colour already creates a buzz about the shop before even stepping foot inside!


Framed Opticians

Framed Opticians

Here is our 30 minutes chat… this is what went down.


MGAM:  Framed is already in Manchester so why did you decide to bring it to London?

Peter: This has always been the plan and ideally we would like to be in every city in the UK.


MGAM: Have you picked different brands for the two stores? If so, why?

Peter: Not so far but only because we are still testing the market in Angel. However, London is always about 6 months ahead of any other place so it is good to see what sells and feed that back to our Manchester store.


Inside Framed Opticians

Inside Framed Opticians


MGAM: Why did you pick this part of London?

Peter: I have been living in London for 3 years and have been doing a lot of searching. I hate this term but Angel is “an up and coming area” so I can see the potential. On the other hand it meets the criteria I was looking for, such as, from Monday-Friday you get the flow of people who work around area going past, as well as the weekend shoppers, which are all potential customers.


MGAM: What type of customers are you hoping to attract with your London store?

Peter: There are a few things I am hoping for… People who live and work here, style conscious, people who want to make multi purchases because they understand buying eyewear is like buying shoes and you need more than one pair.  Also people that have a different mind concept that are fun to restyle and looking for something different.


…every face deserves to be framed


MGAM: Have you always planned to open a second branch? Will there be another?

Peter: Yes, and a 3rd, 4th, 5th …


MGAM: So how long have you actually worked in optical and did you always want your own store?

Peter: I have always wanted my own store without a doubt! I have worked in optical since I was 17 and I started off working in Boots as a trainee. After gaining different experience it was time to open my own store and I always wanted a store in Manchester on St Anne square and I have achieved that.


MGAM: Tell us something about Framed that you would like your potential customers to know.

Peter: Our motto here is every face deserves to be framed so every face should have a nice frame. We want people to try the Framed experience. We disagree with “a certain style suits certain face shapes” because it is how you wear it and the personality behind them. We always ask the following questions when a customer is looking for a new frame… What do you want? How do people see you? How much can you afford?


Inside Framed Opticians

Inside Framed Opticians


MGAM: Finally, what makes Framed so different to what is already out there and why should customers pick you?

Peter: The environment we offer here is different, the concept of the store is clean and more like a walk-in boutique than an “opticians”. We want our customers to feel that coming into Framed is like seeing a friend.


So peeps if you work or live around the Angel area then you now know where to go to buy your glasses. Check out the Framed website here for more details.