It is this time of year again where the fashion PR industry showcases what is coming for spring/summer 2013 or as the industry calls it “Press Day”. I used to work in the PR side of things so it does feel rather odd I am now on the other side and just attend them instead. For the next few weeks my life, before I go to Hong kong, will pretty much involve going to press days and seeing what eyewear is coming in for the spring/summer 2013 and of course I will be sharing my findings with you!

Today was the first press day for me and I am quite lucky because I only cover eyewear so my schedule is not as crazy as fashion journalists.  Today I saw the spring/summer 2013 collection from Dita eywear and Thom Browne Eyewear. I was quite excited to see both especially Thom Browne.

Me in Thom Browne Eyewear

Me in Thom Browne Eyewear

I spotted these Thom Browne sunglasses on display and just couldn’t resist trying them on, it is like shoes… when they are spotted it would be rude not to try them on and admire them. They are kind of a goggle style frame and you know what, they remind me of something I have seen before…

Protective eyewear from the 1900

Protective Eyewear from the 1900's

I saw some very similar glasses from the Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion book (the book launch which I went to couple of week ago). These glasses are actually protective eyewear from the 1900’s. I am sure back then people did not think they were a fashion statement, they were made to protect their eyes but now people would wear them as part of fashion and so they lose their original functionality.

Love them or hate them I do love how fashion goes around in a circle. I am keeping all my favourite clothes for my future daughter because I can guarantee they will come back into fashion just like these glasses. On that note I must try to get myself a pair of those Thom Browne sunglasses, I feel I need a pair of glasses like that in my life. The bad thing about going to a press day is you will see what is coming and just want to buy everything!

Keep a look out for the full write up on Dita And Thom Browne and my other press day adventures coming up over the next few weeks! Busy, busy, busy or catch me on twitter @MyGlassesAndMe to see some live updates!