Last Friday I was involved with a book launch and of course the book is to do with eyewear. The book is called Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion. With the title of the book I am sure you can probably guess what the book is roughly about. The book is by two authors Simon Murray and Nicky Albrechtsen and let me give you a brief background about them both. Simon Murray used to be a costume designer but later on turned his focused onto eyewear. He has one of the biggest private collections of glasses which he lend to films and TV. He has provided glasses for films such as Batman and Indiana Jones and for movie stars such as Sean Connery and Tom Cruise. Pretty impressive hey 😉

As for Nicky, she is a costume designer and the owner of the Vintage Resource Studio in Brick Lane, London which sources inspirational vintage clothing for fashion, textile and costume designers. So with the background and knowledge from Simon and Nicky, they make a great duo to tell us a thing or two about glasses and fashion.

Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion

Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion

This may be a book focused on glasses but if you have an interest in fashion then I would say go and buy yourself a copy. It all interlinks because certain eras will have certain styles of clothing which is the same for eyewear and for fashion to design students I am sure you can take inspiration from it. For an example one of the most iconic pictures of Audrey Hepburn standing outside Tiffany’s features a pair of sunglasses. They were one of the key elements to that picture along with the pearl necklace and black dress.

Throughout the history of fashion, eyewear has played an important part but at which point did eyewear become unfashionable and people started using nasty terms such as four eyes? I certainly got called that before which did made me feel slightly uneasy but not anymore of course and it helps that glasses are now becoming more like a fashion necessity.

Simon Murray in black on he left hand side

Simon Murray in black on the left hand side

This book will tell you a bit about each era from the 20’s – 90’s and how fashion, films and eyewear interlinks. As well as that all the images in Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion are from Simon’s collection of glasses. Some of those frames are truly stunning and you can definitely see how the designs have evolved and how frame design goes around in a cycle, just like fashion.

Some of the frames featured in the book are from some of the biggest brands which are still around now such as the classic Ray-ban, Christian Dior, Oliver Goldsmith and Persol just to name a few. After looking at Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion, I do wonder why some of these brands stopped making amazing frames like they have in the past? But I guess if they don’t move forward then the industry will just stand still. I wonder what brand will be the next big thing? I have my eyes on m.kenics and if you want to find out more then read tomorrows blog post 😉

The book is now available to buy at all major book shop and online retailer at £28 each.