Yesterday I some how got roped into doing go-karting and I was looking forward to it because I had never been and I always had a feeling that it is my kind of thing. I may look all girlie and I obviously love fashion but I am a tom boy at heart due to the influence of growing up with my brother.  I used to socialise with all of his friends and be and honorary “lad”.

You know what… it did not disappoint at all! I didn’t just loved it, I BLOODY loved it. After today I felt I should of been a racing driver. I should just change my career now and become a professional racing driver, I am itching to go again! I felt like the stig! However I was having a massive eyewear dilemma before I went.

Go-Karting at A12 go-kart

Go-Karting at A12 go-karters in my sexy hair net

I was debating whether to wear glasses or contact lenses and in the end as you can see I went for contact. Not exactly sure if I did make the right decision because you are going around the track so quick that the wind just dries them out. On the other hand if I had worn glasses then getting the helmet on and off would of been a problem. I would of had to take off the glasses, put the helmet on then some how try to wiggle my glasses back on and that is hard work because the helmet is on so tight, for health and safety reasons obviously. The joy of not having perfect vision

All in all I would recommend it especially if you are like me who is quite competitive and quite aggressive. I will worn you now go-karting really makes your arms and legs ache! It may sound odd but go, go and see for yourself then you would know what I mean. The place I went to was A12-Karters just off the A12 near Witham, if you do go, get a group of friends together- it will be great fun!