Ahhhhh! 6 days to go until my brother’s wedding and my household is going a bit mad so I apologise now if I am unable to write a blog post everyday! It’s not even my wedding- what is it going to be like when it’s my turn next year? So… I hope we all had a good weekend, mine was pretty fun with the Hen Doo mayhem of my very soon to be sister-in-law. However, lets put our focus back onto glasses!

H&M are forever doing collaborations with different fashion designers. This time it is with Anna Dello Russo who is Vogue’s Japanese fashion director at Large. So I would say she is probably more used to styling A-list celebs rather than designing. With this collection for H&M she focused just on accessories and if you have ever come across any pictures of her, she does have a pretty eccentric taste in accessorizing her outfit BUT I do love the sunglasses she has designed for H&M.

”]H&M Anna Dello Russo

The shape of the glasses are pretty simple but I love the decorative features on top. I mean who would of thought crocodiles could look good on a pair of glasses but somehow it works. The whole decorating and adding extra glitz to glasses seems to be getting rather popular and I am loving this trend because you can really personalise and put your own stamp on them. Maybe I will have to join in!

Like most H&M collaborations they sell like hot cakes so if they are all sold out the next best bet maybe is eBay but I expect you will probably pay over double of the original price of £29.99. So yeah, best of luck if you want a pair 😉