So it has come to this time of the year again where x-Factor gets interesting. I normally tend to watch the bit from the judges houses onwards because I just find the ones before that are pretty boring. What do we all think of this year contestants? Do you have a favourite to win already?

Is it me or are there a lot of crying this year and a lot of oh I am doing this for my mum, dad, brother, sister, friend… what next? their dog, cat? It is a bit ridiculous and it makes me a bit angry almost. Then there is Rylan who lets face it, he really should be auditioning for The Only Way is Essex. I think X-factor was the wrong choice of program for him and did you see Nicole’s face when he wouldn’t stop crying? Hahaha!

Beside some annoying contestants and a lot of crying did you see Ne-yo’s awesome glasses yesterday? Nicole’s sunglasses weren’t bad either hey 😉

Nicole and Ne-yo on X-factor

Nicole and Ne-yo on X-factor

I love that fact that it was so sunny and warm in Dubai but yet Ne-yo still chose to wear glasses but with a hat to block off the sun- clever idea! If he didn’t dress himself then his stylist has done well I say.

Ne-yo on X-factor

Ne-yo's glasses on X-factor

They are pretty cool glasses though aren’t they? The classic tortoiseshell but mixed in with the metal to give it that modern twist. This is not the geek chic look, this is more like what I would call the modern gentleman look.  I think it really worked especially with the hat!

Anyway on that note lets see what happens over the next few months on the X-factor and lets see who will be the winner!