If you took a look at my blog post yesterday then you will know what I am about to write. If not, no worries click here to find out. This blog post it is like a follow up from yesterdays write up on the book launch because during the book launch a new brand coming into the UK called m.kenics was also showcasing some of their range and did like a mini introduction.

Even in my previous posts you may have heard me mentioning the name m.kenics before that is because at the moment I am doing a project with them so watch this space! I love this brand because I love the philosophy behind them and the design is clean cut & very stylish. What more do you want from a frame?

m.kenics at Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion book launch

m.kenics at Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion Book Launch

So why do I love m.kenics? It is because the design is quite clever even though it may not be the first frame to have no welding or screws but the methods they have adopted are so innovative. It is almost an over engineered solution to just hold bits of metal together but that is what makes m.kenics so unique and opticians, lets face it… no screws surely is a good news to you guys too because less chance of customers coming back with common issues.

However, my favourite thing about these m.kenics frame is the nosepad. Sorry if I do sound a bit like a glasses freak at this point but I don’t know if you have ever taken notice of them but I do. I have NEVER seen nosepad like these, they swivel 360 degrees and I think they are the first of it’s kind within frame design using this technology. The good thing with a swivel nosepad is, this will make them suitable for any nose shape and size and I have to say mega, mega comfortable since I have been testing them out for the past 3months or so. Someone got to be a guinea pig 😉

I am hoping to do an interview with the designer of m.kenics very soon so watch this space! I am pretty sure there are other clever things about these frames such as the material they use to produce them because apparently they are eco friendly but I will get my facts straight first before broadcasting it on here so stay tuned for that!