In my world it is all happening at the moment, off to Hong Kong real soon, house is slowly but surely being refurbished and hoping to move in by April before the wedding! Then there is the wedding to organise! Approx 6months away!!!!

Like any couple, we have been shopping around like crazy, working our way around the house and picking things we want. We have visited every home/ DIY place under the sun and the other day we were in the old favourite Ikea. Everyone must have something from Ikea in their home even if it is the smallest thing. You can’t really knock them because they are cheap and cheerful.

I was looking at all the wardrobe solution because my lovely fiance is building me a Carrie Bradshaw style walk-in wardrobe (even the thought of it makes me smile).

Ikea wardrobe solution

Ikea wardrobe solution

Then I came across this draw where there are different sections for different things and look at what it is in the middle … a section for glasses! Genius! At the moment I do have concerns about how to store my fairly large collection of glasses. Some are getting a bit dusty but this Ikea storage solution is good because it is under the glass.

It is either having something like this or having something like what they have in Forever21 however, we will cross that bridge and make a decision when the time comes but for now I am just going to enjoy finding the perfect solution to house my glasses and if any of you readers out there got any bright ideas then please hola my way! All ideas welcome 😉