Givenchy is definitely one of many well known fashion brands out there and who can forget when Alexander McQueen was the head designer for the brand. Givenchy is a french brand and started off being well known for its lady-like styles but of course like all brands, things are developed over time but of course they will still keep the essence of what they are known for.

For Spring/Summer 2013 the Givenchy eyewear range did just that. The art director of Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, has designed a rich collection of frames for us ladies inspired by the male fashion world. The collection encloses a wealth of stylish details, sometimes hidden from sight, embellishing squared and aviator retro frames.

Givenchy Spring/ Summer 2013

Givenchy Sunglasses Spring/ Summer 2013

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013

Givenchy Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2013

Since this is the Spring/Summer collection colour of course plays a vital part; such as the plays on tortoise shell and horn effect finishes paired with clear and contrasting elements, with surprising results. Grey, purple and red mark the shaded and often mirrored lenses are used for a truly stunning finish.

During Press day the main focus was sunglasses since we are working a season ahead but there were also some Givenchy glasses on display too which I loved because they were so damn colourful and fun.

Givenchy Sping/Summer 2013

Givenchy Glasses Sping/Summer 2013

Personally to me I just love colours and I think everyday of the year should be full of colour. In the summer wearing dark colours is against the law to me and in the winter I like wearing colours because it brightens up a dull day and lets’s face it in the UK that happens rather often!

Like what you have seen? If you have then keep a look out for them next spring! They may well be at your local optician or at department stores such as Selfridges and Harrods.