Apart from Marie Claire, I think Glamour has got to be my second favourite fashion mag. This month there is even more reason to buy it because they are giving away Nails Inc nail varnish with four colours to collect! The magazine costs £2 and the nail varnish normally costs £11 so you do the math 😉 a bargain is an understatement!

This month I loved one of their fashion shoots “Look At Knits now”. I loved it because they have featured glasses in a fashion shoot and what I liked about it aswell is they didn’t call it geek or geek chic, basically nothing to do with the word geek. They have called it grown up and I like that.

Glamour magazine December issue

Glamour Magazine December Issue

I think it is about time we are moving away from the geek chic thing, firstly not all geeks wear glasses, that is just stereotypical and secondly no fashion trend will stay around forever- now that is a fact and I am sure we all know that.

Well done to Cutler and Gross because the glasses used for the shoot are by them! Lets hope we will be seeing more and more glasses being used in fashion shoots as time goes on. From what I know about the eyewear industry in the UK, things needs to improve and move forward with the times. Maybe when they are willing to move forward then the fashion industry will be more open to glasses because the eyewear industry is still not moving quick enough to keep up with the fashion world. Of course there are a couple of exceptions to the rule and one of those brands is Cutler and Gross who are forward thinking and treat their product like a fashion accessory!