Are you one of those people who always takes notice of what celebrities are wearing? If you are then you may want to keep a look out for the sunglasses I am wearing in the photo below. However, I do believe the actual ones the celeb wore were black but I like the pink so I decided to try that on instead and make you think harder about who had them on- visualise them in a different colour 😉

Before I reveal let’s play a guessing game…no prize but just a bit of fun. This celeb is a female, she is a global star and has had many hits around the globe. So yes, she is indeed a singer. Any ideas yet? If not here are some more clues…She loves changing her hair style/colour, loves to party and had one rather public breakup with her boyfriend. Guessed it yet? No!? Ok here are the last set of clues and after these clues if you still don’t get it then the answer will be after the photo. She had hits such as Umbrella, Disturbia and Rude Boy- after all these clues surely you must know who it is?

Rihanna's Dita sunglassesMystery Sunglasses

It is of course the very famous Rihanna or some like to call her Ri Ri, what ever floats your boat. Do you want to know who they are by and no I am not going to make you guess again 😉 they are by Dita. They do come in different colours but of course if you want the exact same pair as Rihanna then she had the black pair.

I am totally in love with them! Me and press days have a love hate relationship because I love going to them to check out what is coming for the next season but I hate them aswell because I just end up trying things on and wanting pretty much everything I try on!  It really doesn’t help when the PR guys and girls stand there and encourage me because seriously… as if I need encouragement! Put me in a corner with a selection of glasses, shoes and handbags I would be entertained all day! FACT!  There will be more to come on Dita Eyewear so stay tuned!