So we have reached November and how many gents out there are taking part in Movemeber? Every year my fiance says he would like to take part and it is for a good cause but I am just not keen on the idea of kissing a load of hair. However, this year I do have the perfect excuse for him not to take part because it is my brother’s Hong Kong wedding the end of November and let’s face it family photos with one very serious tash is not ideal so maybe next year he can take part?

Apart from that November also means Christmas is just around the conner, sorry to remind you all but it isn’t far away! As you start your christmas shopping you may have noticed some brands will bring out Christmas specials or a Christmas collection etc… you know what I mean and even with eyewear it is the same!

Givenchy Eyewear Christmas edition

Givenchy Eyewear Christmas Edition

I was attending some more press days again yesterday and I came across this little Givenchy beauty. These sunglasses are the special Christmas Edition and sorry the photo is not brilliant but on the top of the rim it is covered in Swarovski crystals so it gives you that sparkly festive look.

Apart from seeing Givenchy eyewear I also saw many other brands such as Prism & SuperRetro just to name a couple from my press day adventures but for now I will leave you with this special Christmas Edition pair of Givenchy sunglasses and more will follow real soon.