A massive hello to all my readers!! How are you all??? How is England- cold!? Well I don’t mean to brag but Hong Kong is nice and warm, I am enjoying 20 something degrees temperature and just had a BBQ. I am not going to lie, I do not miss the cold temperatures back in the UK and secretly I am hoping I can stay here until the weather gets better.

So what have I been getting up to… well I landed in Hong Kong last Tuesday and it was really hectic before I left. For the past few days it has been manic trying to prepare my brother’s wedding and there is two parts to it.  Tomorrow will be the final part and thank god it will be all over. I am looking forward to a spot of shopping and organising my wedding.

However I just wanted to share this photo with you taken from yesterday on my brother’s wedding.

My brother's wedding

My brother's wedding

The red dress is a traditional Chinese wedding dress and isn’t it gorgeous! All the red bits on the floor are not confetti, they are actually the remains from the fire cracker which is a lucky thing to have on a Chinese wedding. All in all it was a wonderful day and very tiring and its not even my wedding!

Anyhow readers, I am off and hopefully have more free time after tomorrow so blogging should become a bit more frequent. Wrap up warm in the UK and I will be thinking of you all 😉 I love being back in my home town.