Living in Essex does make it rather easy to get to and from London. However when there is snow that is a completely different ball game, which I experienced today. I was over half an hour late for my optical interview so thank you national rail for over charging us and running an inefficient service because you cannot be bothered to get rid (or prevent, you all knew it was coming!!) some snow on the track.

Despite that I had a great day.  It was very productive with a great plan for the future of MyGlassesAndMe. If you remember last week I went to The Eye Company to do a short film for SpecsNetowork and today I popped back in again to have a chat with the owner Steenie. He is a lovely guy with a strong passion for eyewear and the write up for that is coming up very shortly.  He was so busy today that I didn’t even get to finish the interview!

In visiting The Eye Company I also met someone really unexpected, an eyewear designer from America called Garrett Leight


Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight

When something unexpected happens you know it is going to be awesome and it sure was! I managed to do a quick interview with him too because I just love to get into a designers head to understand their thinking process. Stay tuned.

By the way readers, just a quick warning. MyGlassesAndMe will be going for a revamp very soon since it is the new year and all that jazz so I thought I will treat my blog to a make over too. The site maybe down for a few days but I will give you all plenty of notice and you can still follow me via twitter @MyGlassesAndMe