Hello readers! Happy New Year!!! It has been quite a while since I last showed my face here but please forgive me as I was having too much fun in Hong Kong. Apart from having too much fun I was also busy working, planning our wedding, catching up with family and my cousin gave birth to a gorgeous little girl on Christmas Eve!!! A month really does go too quick and I wish I was still there, so much to do but not enough time.  Plus it was sunny and warm so I was very happy to escape the UK winter.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all for all the support in 2012 and please help me to spread the spexy love in 2013 and let’s show these fashion people in their fashion bubble that glasses are the coolest fashion accessory!

The Peak Hong Kong

The Peak Hong Kong

I really do love Hong Kong, if you have never been then I highly recommend it. If you think Hong Kong is just a city then wrong! Hong Kong has got amazing beaches and some amazing country side too where you can go hiking. It is the best place for shopping and not to mention the food! I think for the whole month I was there I was eating none stop! This little island really does have everything! It is always buzzing and everything is just so convenient from 24 hours McDonalds delivery to one of the best transport systems in the world.

I really should be the ambassador for Hong Kong or something but there is one thing I have learned whilest I was out there, practically everyone is wearing glasses and I have never seen a place where there are so many people who wear a pair of glasses without lenses because they are simply wearing them as a fashion statement. It is the norm out there to wear glasses because it is seen as cool. Even fashion magazines heavily feature glasses and I don’t mean just sunglasses. I wish people in the UK were more open to the idea of glasses but slowly we are winning this battle with the fashion world, give it time and lets hope 2013 will be the year!

P.S I LOVE HONG KONG! Haha.  I will be sharing pics and experiences with you over the coming week! Keep reading 🙂