Hello Readers, I hope you all had a nice weekend and are all wrapped up warm once again because it is getting rather cold. I am going to continue with my Hong Kong posts and share my experiences with you all plus it is really helping to keep me sane and helping with my post Hong Kong depression. Haha!

Hong Kong maybe small but it is one of the best places for shopping. From small individual boutiques to high end designer shops this little island does have it all. There are also quite a few streets in Hong Kong which specialise in selling just one thing on the entire street. You get goldfish street,flower street, bird street, jade street, trainer street, technology street, pet street, craft street and the list just goes on and on. I love going to these streets because there are so many things to see and each shop does somehow manage to sell something just a little bit different to the last- it simply amazes me.

However, apart from the specialist streets there is also night market which is worth a visit, they sell the most random things but it is a superb place to buy souvenirs.

Hong Kong  street market

Hong Kong Street Market - Glasses, Glasses and more Glasses

The market sells anything from phone cases, gadget bits to of course glasses! When I walked past this stall I was gob smacked! It was packed with glasses in all sort of styles. I don’t think I have seen anything like it in the UK. Some of the glasses you can put prescription lenses in but some you just literally buy it and wear without lenses (which is a highly fashionable thing to do in Hong Kong).

Hong Kong street Market

Hong Kong street Market

Seeing a street market like this I think I can understand why wearing glasses is such a normal thing to do over there. It is easily accessible and by that I mean you don’t have to actually go into a shop which some people may feel uneasy about if they just want to wear glasses for fashion purposes. It is a none pressured or¬†pretentious¬†environment. This is unlike the UK where you have to go into an optician to look at glasses and you may even find some opticians are really snobby! I have certainly come across a few of those!

There are a few things which I do not understand about opticians in the UK… why are some of them snobs? What is the reason to be snobbish, I mean is it the industry standard or something? Last and most importantly why do some of them work in such a backward way, we are in the 21st century just incase you didn’t realise.

My words of wisdom would be stop being a snob and never judge a book by its cover. I may not look like I can afford a frame which costs ¬£400 but this doesn’t give you the right to be rude and a smile goes a long way. Finally you just don’t want to annoy a writer like myself because we can be really nasty if we wanted to be and name and shame you all. However, that’s right, some of you may not even know you are being rude to a writer!

I will leave this thought with you all and feel free to comment if you are a consumer who had the same experience as me or if you are an optician!