I personally do not have children yet but I am hoping to be a mum one day. I am a traditional kind of girl and would like to be married first before having children but then again I am getting married pretty soon! However, I do love looking at kids clothes and have been buying many children’s clothes for my friend’s babies etc… I am no children’s clothing expert but I just love looking at them.

When ever I am clothes shopping for my friend’s babies I am always amazed by how fashionable they are because it is not like they have their own fashion shows or fashion magazines so where on earth does children fashion come from? More importantly do children care about what they wear? It turns out they do and even London Fashion Week is going to start showcasing children’s fashion with their own dedicated show.

This is why I want to introduce you guys to melijoe, a high end online children clothing site based in France.



I guess for a long time children’s fashion has been neglected and I think they have that in common with eyewear. On the other hand a lot of designer brands such as Paul Smith, Cavalli and Versace all do a children clothing range. I got really excited looking through the melijoe look book because some of the clothes are simply lush! When I have kids I shall make sure they will be the most fashionable kids ever!

I also got rather excited when I saw that they have featured glasses as part of their styling! It is important to slowly introduce eyewear to children when they are young because if they need to wear glasses when they get older you don’t want them to feel uneasy about it. Maybe that is how we can change the view of glasses? Start young?

If you are parents yourself or got little niece and nephew then why not treat them to melijoe because they are not like anything you can buy from the high street! FACT!  Click here to visit the melijoe website.