This maybe a useless fact for you readers but pandas are a favourite animal of mine so each time I visit Hong Kong I just have to go to Ocean Park and see them. Ocean Park is not really a park to do with the ocean, it is more like a mini zoo with a theme park but up in a very high mountain and you guessed it, there is a panda park!

Just in case you guys are not aware (here is another useless fact for you). The panda is China’s national emblem because they only exist in China and are becoming quite rare since they are extremely hard to breed. However, China have lent two pandas to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. I don’t know why I like them so much but I just think they look so cute and cuddly.

Pandas do require a lot of TLC and the panda specialists have to go and check on their living environment every few hours and I was present at one of those moments… Is it me or is he colour co-ordinating his glasses with his zoo uniform?

Panda Park in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Panda Park in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

White glasses with his white wellies and white detailing on his top.  If I didn’t see his work college on the other side I would of thought it was part of the uniform but no, he was clearly just making a statement! I love it! Even a boring zoo uniforms can be made to look more exciting with the right styling. Who says a uniform has to be boring? This guy certainly showed us how to rock it.

Oh and don’t forget the panda, here is a picture. Awwwwww aren’t they super cute!

Panda Park in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Panda Park in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Yep! I am still suffering from post Hong Kong depression, these blog posts are easing my pain to be back in the UK. I LOVE HONG KONG! Have a nice weekend you lot! 🙂