Accessories must be one of my favourite things to buy, the amount of jewellery, bags, shoes, belts, scarfs and glasses I have is a bit ridiculous but I think accessories are the best way to dress up an outfit. I have got a real jewellery fetish, especially necklaces, I just think they are an easy and cheap way to jazz up an outfit. However, my rule is don’t over do it because if you have got a statement necklace you don’t want to put massive earrings with it too. You may put yourself in danger of looking like a walking christmas tree.

When I went shopping over the weekend I came across a necklace in TopShop  and I am not sure if I would wear this necklace with my glasses…

Glasses necklace

Topshop Glasses necklace

So this necklace is basically made out of a lot of mini perspex glasses which is pretty cute but would it be a bit of an over kill if I wear my glasses too? Would I look like a complete glasses freak if I wear them both at the same time?

I did stand there and stare at the necklace for ages just so I can  imagine what I would look like with it on and in the end I didn’t buy it. I wasn’t convinced as much as I love jewellery I think it may break my rule of “over doing it”.