For my long term readers you may have seen me mentioning my pet rabbits. I had two which were bought for me from my fiancé for our 2 year anniversary. We have now been together for 7 years this year so our rabbits are 5 years old. They are called Sponge and Kitty, sponge for Spongebob Square Pants and Kitty for Hello Kitty because they are our favourite cartoons. However, over the weekend our boy Sponge has gone to bunny heaven 🙁

It is always upsetting when an animal dies because you do get attached to them and mine had sedimental value too but you can never expect an animal to live as long as you do. If you are thinking of getting a pet then think carefully if you can handle it! I have been to the vet about 3 times in the last 7 days and I have learnt a lot about rabbit especially their vision.

My bunny and I

My bunny and I

Rabbits can’t actually really see straight but they can see things beside them, it is designed that way so they can be aware of their surroundings and predators hence their eyes are set to the side of their heads instead of the front like us humans. Rabbit can only see things straight ahead if it is very close to them otherwise they will rely on other methods such as sense of smell & hearing.

So with these interesting facts I have learnt about rabbit sight, I had a thought. How cute will it be to give rabbit glasses to help them see! I think with the whole “they can’t see business” I can sympathise with them because I can’t see that well either without my glasses but at least I don’t live in the woods where foxes and other animals can eat me! It must be a big scary world out there for rabbits. So next time you are driving at night and wonder why rabbits always run out to the road when your car is approaching, it is probably because they can’t see you are there. Just imagine human trying to drive with poor vision!

Get your eyes tested and don’t be a rabbit 😉