For me, being Chinese, Chinese new year is the most important thing in the calendar and for 2013 Chinese New Year will be starting on 10th Feb so literally in 2 days time! Everyone always thinks Chinese new year takes place in February every year but it does varies because of leap years etc.. I don’t actually really understand it fully myself.

When I was little and lived in Hong Kong I LOVED Chinese New Year, I used to get 2 weeks off school and there are celebrations which go on for a week! My mum used to buy me 2 new dresses for Chinese new year to visit all my family with and not forgetting the red envelopes with money inside! My parents only used to let us open them on the last day of Chinese new year.  I always loved stuffing my face silly with sweets without getting told off.

However since it is the year of snake, I have gone with a snake themed glasses for you 😉

CAZAL-623 (Original source

CAZAL-623 (Image source:

Snake skin is probably one of most popular choices of material within the fashion industry, even if it is not the actual skin itself, there are still a lot of snake skin effects out there from clothing’s down to shoes. So why would it not be used on glasses? However it is not everyone’s cup of tea and I am certainly not a massive fan of it (but I especially dislike leopard print- yuck!).

Like me if you are not a fan of snake skin or snake effect then maybe something else that is snake inspired may be more suitable for you. How about these lovely Roberto Carvarlli beauties?

Snake glasses (Image from

Snake glasses (Image source:

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year in style 😉 after all during the Christmas season in the UK it is all about dressing up and going out partying in style so lets not forget your eyewear and welcome the year of snake with open arms!

Sun Nin Fi Lok (Happy New Year) to you all!  I hope the year of snake will  be a good one for you all!