Eye tests, I am actually not a fan of getting them done even though mine only takes place once every two years but today was the day. If you want to know where I get them done, I actually quite like to just try out different places just to see. I have had my eyes tested in loads of places before from independent to chains and even in Hong Kong. The last test I had was actually in Hong Kong, I just wanted to see if it is any different from place to place.

Say compare the UK to Hong Kong, I do think there is a slight difference but I think that is more to do with the way they conduct the test and the machines they use. I can’t say one is better than the other because they give me the same result either way- the fact is, I am pretty blind without my glasses.

I am always fascinated by those hideous glasses things they put on you to test the strength of our eyes and they are pretty heavy too. More to the point I don’t even know how the opticians can look at a patient and not laugh- professionals for you. I do wonder which clever person designed those sexy eye test glasses?

Eye test glasses (source from www.123rf.com)

Eye test glasses (source from www.123rf.com)

Well back to my eyes, I am 28 and normally by your 20’s your eye sight should pretty much be steady and in theory shouldn’t get worse. Mine however is a different story! It has got worse, I can’t say I am happy about it, I was so hoping it won’t get worse because I am not sure if I want my lenses to get any thicker even though I do use the thinner option.

On that note, if you want to share with me your optician experiences then please feel free to comment away! Have a nice weekend all 😉